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The Best thing to happen to you on this earth is Happiness for you being happy will always bring better things to you not just Long life and Healthy Life. the list of Latest Comedies on this page is brought to you By:

Name: Nwogboji daniel obinna
Nickname : mendelmac
IG @medicomendel
Fb@Medico Mendel

A medical laboratory scientist.
Sch : college of health sciences, NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY, otolo nnewi, Anambra state.

My journey into comedy:

I had always wanted to be a medical doctor from my sec sch days, apart from the euphoria of being a medical doctor, i also loved d work of saving and improving health.

I was not necessarily too funny then but as time went on, i understood there was this inner glow which i was missing. Meanwhile, I could make one laugh but that wasn’t enough to call me a comedian.

In my year 3 as a medical laboratory student, the urge nd drive to venture into comedy increased as soon as I discovered create funny images, talk ppl into laughing. I then started writing my scripts, waiting for the best tym to start making my videos.

My first video wasn’t that awesome, some of my friends commented. I tightened up, lited my concepts and ideas , made it original and boom, it was fabulous. People started watching my videos. Most people started posting and reposting.

It wasn’t easy at the start by today i can say that i have been able to convince ppl that i ve it in me. And it had been going find since my 400l When I started making my online videos. Today i am an online comedian and at the same time a medical laboratory scientist, hence my handles @medicomendel.

Vision and mission as a comedian :

I understood that comedy is not just about making ppl laugh, there was more. Comedians are ppl who say serious or core things in a funny way. I understood my role as a Comedian. As a scientist i was supposed to work in an enclosed laboratory where i would be running my diagnosis.

Being a scientist, i picked the society /my environment as my lab where i would study people’s behaviour, knw why they act the way they do and the effect of their actions on their fellows.

It is undisputed that 70% if not 80% of ppl in Nigeria are facing one crisis or anoda. Such of those crisis are frustration, mental or emotion breakdown or even physical crisis, to mention but a few. All these keep them unhappy and unease.

Comedy in no small measure has helped to ameliorate some of these issues with different Comedians playing their roles, each with his or her unique styles, concepts and ideas. As a medical Comedian, i understnd most physiologies nd most life mechanisms .

I try to run diagnosis on the People, try to understnd the circumstances surrounding their actions, what keeps them and what halts them. This helps me bring out ideas of circumstances around and putting it into comedy i help save situations.

Comedy to me is more therapeutic than most drugs in the hospital. In my type of comedy i intend to bring sanity that has been lost amongst the People. Nothing has ever worked where there is no sanity.

Nigeria is a typical example of a group of ppl that has lost sanity. Xo in my skits or videos, i try to bring in core or pressing issues especially in Nigeria. While i try to mock or ridicule the ill behaviour of ppl, i try at the time to educate and give vital information that would would better situations, all in a comic sense.

In summary, am looking at a scenerio where ppl would get entertained, stress eased, health conditions improved through comedy, information and education and enlightenment passed to People through comedy.

Hobby : writing, acting, dancing
Games: volleyball and table tennis

Phone numbers : 08163304388

IG @medicomendel
Fb@Medico Mendel

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